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Written by: Sherylee Honeyghan
Illustrated by: Ana Patankar


The Real Sheriauna
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Sheriauna is a social butterfly who is vibrant and loves to try new things.

She is kind, loves her friends and family, and is very insightful for her age.

She loves to be active and playing sports but her favourite thing to do is dance.


Sheriauna has been dancing since she was 2 years old and she always says “dance is her passion!”  She doesn’t walk through life…she DANCES!  Sheriauna enjoys participating in PLAYSAFE presentations to bring awareness about child amputees and their abilities.


When Sheriauna is not busy with school and extracurricular activities she spends time with her family baking, watching movies, going out for day trips, making YouTube videos or choreographing her own dances.

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About Author

Sherylee Honeyghan is Sheriauna's mother. This book is a labour of love that had finally come into being. Sherylee is an advocate for her child as a young Black girl who is also a congenital amputee. Her desire is to spread a message of understanding and acceptance through her continued efforts. Sherylee's hope is that a child who reads this book with a parent, teacher, friend or independently will be better able to see differences as potential for learning something new.

About Author
Our Purpose

Our Purpose

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The purpose of the I Am Sheriauna series is to start a conversation about disability, inclusion and more understanding of each others differences.. 


The hope is that children will see some of themselves reflected in Sheriauna.  


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